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If you’re getting prank calls or if you find a number on you caller ID or phone bill that you don’t recognize, you probably want to find out who is behind that number. The good news is that finding the owner and address of a phone number is easier than you might think, if you know where to look.

There are plenty of free Reverse Phone Lookup Directories or white pages online. These directories pull the information from available public records and provide you the required results. If you’re lucky enough that the information you want is for a listed land line, then your search stops there and you should get the information you want. What if the telephone number is not listed or belongs to a cell phone? Because there is no central database of cell phone numbers, free reverse phone directories cannot return information on those numbers. Putting such a database together requires extensive time and money and that’s why such services – if they are legitimate – charge a nominal fee to use them.

With more and more people preferring to keep their home phone numbers unlisted and an even larger number terminating land line service completely in favor of cell phones, finding a phone number is no longer as simple as browsing the white pages.

Before you pay for any reverse phone service, consider the following:

The service should:

  • Provide accurate information on any Cell, landline (listed,unlisted), toll free and business phone numebrs.
  • A broader database coverage of all states and all carriers with better results.
  • Periodic directory update to incorporate a growing number of new subscribers and those who change carriers and phone numbers.
  • Unlimited search for one LOW fee with no recurring monthly charges.
  • Free search assistance if you are unable to locate the records.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

The difficult part is to find a reputable and legitimate reverse phone directory that pass all the above mentioned criteria . After rigorous testing of several well-known Cell Phone Lookup Services, we found that only 3 programs stood out from the competition. All these 3 services provide 100% online legal services and offer a money back guarantee.

Top 3 Reverse Phone Lookup Directories We Recommend…





Overall Rating :  5star3


Reverse Phone Detective stands out as having one of the most comprehensive and accurate reverse phone search database on the Internet.

Pros :

With over 1 Billion records and constant directory updates, the accuracy rate is 99 % and we were able to get results consistently for ANY phone number. The interface is clean and easy to use. Database includes information on cell phone, residential, business, pager, unlisted and toll free numbers. You just need to enter the phone number with area code and you get a complete report which you can download or print. Full Phone Reports include up-to-date information on:

  • Phone owner name and current address.
  • Line type - landline (listed/unlisted) or mobile.
  • Household members.
  • Phone company and carrier.
  • Issuing location with map.
  • Other phone numbers belonging to owner

Their customer service is par to none with free search assistance if you are unable to locate the records. One other feature is you can  remove your personal information from public data sources so that others cannot access it, for one small fee of $4.95 which is a very good bargain in my opinion. Reverse Phone Detective membership is truly risk-free backed by 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get the results for your search.

Cons :

The search speed is not as fast as some of the other top providers mainly due to the sheer size of the database, however Reverse Phone Detective makes up for this with its accurate search results.

Cost :

$39.95 per year (unlimited searches)

Bottom line:

If you want to find the owner of ANY phone number with complete accuracy, this is definitely the service we recommend. You have nothing to lose and we think you will be very pleased with the results.

Best value for the money you spend.  Guaranteed!

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Overall Rating : 4star

Summary :

Reverse Mobile, the previous winner of this review comes in at a close second


With expansive coverage of the database, the information is 96% accurate but is not as thorough as Reverse Phone Detective. The interface is  user friendly and speed of data retrieval is excellent.  As an added bonus, you’ll get access to criminal, background and people search records for a small nominal fee of $4.95. It is a good bargain for one low fee . But if you want to get in-depth information of people records, we recommend you to use a site that focuses in just those types of records. Reverse Mobile offers a “No Hit/No charge” money back guarantee if the query yields no results.

Cons :

The consistency of the search results is not that great as compared to Reverse Phone detective. Once in a while the search yields  no results or without complete details.

Cost :

$39.95 per year (unlimited searches)

Bottom line:

Data accuracy is compromised sometimes with speed of retrieval, but with the added people search records, it is a good bargain if you don’t mind these occasional slips.

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Overall Rating : 3star

Summary :

Reverse Records is a very diverse and informative website offering  reports with more than just a phone number. With Reverse Records you can use either an email address, social security or phone number to find the address and other records you’re looking for. These cross-database searches reflects on the results provided, with not very accurate as the other two providers mentioned above. They have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Cost :

$39.95 per year (unlimited searches) if you use the reverse phone search. Price for other searches vary.

Bottom line:

If you want to find someone from email address or social security number , then this may be your best bet.

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